About Aneta/Scan Lamps


Aneta Belysning was founded in Växjö in 1947 for the manufacturing of textile lamp- shades. The production was in the beginning entirely handcrafted. Today the business has grown to enclose the entire range of lighting fixtures for home lighting.

Since January 2005, Aneta Belysning has been included in the Byggma group and works side by side with its sister company Scan Lamps AS.
Design, product development and range composition are primarily  taken care of  in our own organization in Växjö. This ensures the strong brand Aneta and Scan Lamps represent on the market today.

Aneta Belysning  has adapted to the current market conditions and the majority of production has since the 90's been located in Eastern Europe and the Far East.
When the production is handled by subcontractors there are extra high demands on quality. Each delivery is therefore subject to a thorough control of quality and electrical safety. The consumer shall always be able to rely on a product from Aneta.

Aneta is reseller of light bulbs from Osram to the retailer market, which places high demands on logistics. We have a well-functioning picking and packing of orders to recipients in all of Scandinavia.

In Växjö is also the the joint exhibition of Aneta and ScanLamps, where most of the range is shown in an inspiring environment.


Since its foundation in 1983, Scan Lamps has, as a wholesaler and manufacturer, played an increasing role on the interior market in Norway, with a wide range of household lighting products.

The company has since 2001 been a member of the Byggma group.

Scan Lamps selection includes lamps that fit into any room of the house, in many different styles . This ranges from traditionally wrought iron lamps to modern lamps inspired by the latest international interior trends.

Our lamps are marketed and distributed primarily by the country's largest furniture chains and light chains. We have a strong foothold in the Nordic countries.

Scan Lamps also resell Osram light bulbs and Ramo electrical equipment.


Scan Lamps has since 1988 had a special section for VTA ( “Varig Tilrettelagt Arbeid” - permanently adapted  work) for people who need specially adapted work in a protected business environment.

We have a fantastic department with 20 enthusiastic and motivated participants, several have been with us from the start.

Among the departments tasks are emptying containers, packing orders, assembling and labelling. It also has many projects in the Byggma group, such as the lamination of promotional materials, packing of lists, production of tapestry sample books etc.

We emphasize that all users should

  • have a job that feels meaningful. Participants should feel that they are doing useful work that gives visible results - it should never feel as meaningless employment.
  • experience a clear sense of appreciation and equality. We will meet each other with open minds and cultivate understanding of each other's differences.
  • get the feeling of success. Praise should be parcelled out generously , it shall be genuine and believeable, therefore contributing to a good self-image.
  • be part of a positive community . We develop the ability to work at different levels, each from their own perspective . We will create a strong positive feeling of group identity and develop important social skills such as tolerance, acceptance etc.
  • experience a genuine opportunity for development. Everyone should have the opportunity to try out various tasks within the department and get the training, support and facilitation required to cope with the various challenges, each at their own level .

Scan Lamps / VTA foundate both the daily operations and the major lines and future plans on the key concepts :

Scan Lamps VTA Department is certified by the international control system EQUASS Assurance.

Scan-Lamps AS
Dalaneveien 53
Postboks 4663 Grim
Telefon: +47 3813 7100
Fax: +47 3813 7081
E-post: ordre.belysning@byggma.no
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